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TOX offers a variety of services to assist local fire departments legally transport the CPAT test to their local jurisdiction. The Uniform Guidelines describe the type of evidence that is necessary to transport a test developed in one organization for use in another. Critical aspects for transportability include the:

  • fidelity between the original job and the job for which the test is being transported;

  • documentation and evaluation of any changes made to the test;

  • careful analysis to ensure that the test events from the CPAT test match the job analysis results in the new organization;

  • assurance that the passing levels are accurate for the organization importing the test.

The specific requirements of the Uniform Guidelines must be integrated into the study that supports the job-relatedness and transportability of the CPAT. While this test may have the endorsement of fire labor and fire management, and the tacit approval of the DOJ, these facts alone do not support the proposition that the CPAT is a valid test for your organization.

Please contact MED-TOX to answer specific questions you may have about transporting the CPAT test to your department.