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MED-TOX Health Services specializes in several areas of job and ergonomic analysis, occupational and environmental health and safety, and medical and physical standards development.

Strength tests and vision requirements can also be validated for specific occupations. If you are an employer looking for quick information regarding physical ability testing for new hires who must lift and carry materials at work, click here.

If you are looking for information on medical screening programs, click here. For more detailed information, click on the links to the left. Whether you are interested in validating a physical ability, physical strength or other medical/physical selection device, MED-TOX can assist your organization. Generally, when new hires receive pre-placement medical examinations, physician examiners have few resources to utilize when considering an individual for placement. All too often the employer does not provide the examiner with a job description or one in sufficient detail. It is not uncommon for the examiner to only know the name of the organization for which the potential employee is being examined and nothing about the occupation in question.

Services include:

    • Development of Medical Screening Guidelines

    • Cost-effective Physical Ability Testing Services

    • Job-Related Test Validation Studies

    • Occupational Medicine Audits for Employers

    • Specialized Job Analysis Services

  • Ergonomic Consultation
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